Improving Your Medical Practice

Demonstrating Quality

The practice performance component of MOC is designed to document quality improvement in medical practice. The ABPMR isn't assessing quality; instead, we're providing a mechanism for documenting quality and improvements you are making on a regular basis.

The ABPMR offers an ever-expanding variety of options for fulfilling MOC Part IV, including a straightforward documentation of those small improvements you make in your practice all the time, a guided tour of practice improvement with products, the portfolio program available at certain institutions, and now, a spine patient registry option available through the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (AAPM&R).


Practice Performance Requirement

How Many Projects Should I Complete?

Eventually, all diplomates will complete a practice improvement project every five years, but we are still in the phase-in process.

If your current certificate issue date is prior to 2012, complete one practice improvement project during your 10-year cycle. If your certificate date is 2012 or later, complete one practice improvement project every five years, for a total of two projects over the course of the 10-year MOC cycle.

Practice Performance Options

Options to Complete a Practice Improvement Project

You have several options for completing the MOC Part IV requirement, Practice Performance. These options fall into three categories:

  • 1.

    Self-directed practice improvement project (PIP) from the ABPMR

  • 2.

    Pre-formatted PIPs from PM&R-related specialty societies (AAPM&R and AANEM)

  • 3.

    Multi-Specialty Portfolio Program, sponsored by 45 healthxcare institutions and collaboratives nationwide

Name Cost Available CME Estimated Completion Time More Information
ABPMR Self-Directed PIP

Topic chosen by diplomate relevant to his/her practice

Free N/A
  • Dependent on project and review time
  • Review can take up to 8 weeks
  • NOTE: Sometimes, PIP reviewers can request revisions, which can add more time
Pre-Formatted PIP: AAPM&R Options
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis
  • Low Back Pain
  • Osteoporosis
  • Stroke

Member: Free

Non-Member: $275

  • Dependent on project
  • Process includes a recommended 30-day period for data gathering and analysis
Pre-Formatted PIP: AANEM Options
  • Electrodiagnostic Report Writing
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Diagnostic Chart Review

Member: $125

Non-Member: $399

  • Dependent on project
  • Process includes 30-day mandatory lockout period for data gathering and analysis
Portfolio Program
Per institution Per institution Per institution