Our Staff

The ABPMR staff support the board by providing operational structure for all board activities, including residency tracking, examination management, the Continuing Certification (CC) Program, information technology, finance and administration, and communications.

Carolyn Kinney, MD

Executive Director

Paul Zobitz, MBA

Director of Operations

Dan Agenten

Director of Technology

Mikaela Raddatz, Ph.D.

Director of Psychometrics and Research

Judi Spann, APR, CPRC

Director of Communications

Emily Rammelmeier

Director of Certification Operations

Stephen Huesing

Assistant Director of Certification Operations

Connie Brown-Caldwell

Senior Enterprise Architect

Diane Bur

Senior Data Analyst

Pam Captain

Customer Service Specialist

Rema David

Credentialing & Professional Standing Specialist

Sara Edwards

Network Support Specialist

Kara Gunderson

Physician Engagement Specialist

Kristina Kumar

Senior Editor

Justin Mathre

Finance Controller

Neil McCloskey

Exam Administration Specialist

Jenna Morales

Communications Specialist

Marie Teske

Lead Customer Service Representative

David Ocheltree

Human Resources Administrator

Terry Rasmussen

Principal Software Engineer

Kristin Robinson

Longitudinal Assessment Lead

Nate Sanders

Senior Web Application Developer

Monali Sawai, Ph.D.

Examination/Assessment Program Coordinator

Ben Walters

Senior Web Application Developer

Caitlin Brown

Production Editor