PM&R Diplomate Retired Status

The ABPMR recognizes that physicians may transition out of their professional responsibilities at some point in their careers, and we want to honor those who have kept their board certification status current throughout their professional practice years. The public also depends on the ABPMR to maintain accurate records to correctly report who is certified and actively practicing.

If you have retired from all patient care activities, we encourage you to change your board certification status to Retired.

What does the Retired status mean?

  • Physicians with a retired status will no longer be required to participate in the ABPMR Continuing Certification (CC) Program.
  • Your board-certified history will continue to be displayed on ABPMR’s physician verification tool, and your certification status will be listed as Retired. Status information is provided to the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) as well.
  • You will receive a letter from the ABPMR Board Chair and Executive Director, as well as an honorary Retired ABPMR certificate acknowledging your commitment to board certification.
  • You will have access to download and use the Retired e-badge on your email signature, website, or letterhead.
  • Should you decide to come out of retirement, you can reverse the retirement process in order to regain an active certification status.

Left image: Diplomate portal screen showing the retired status. Right image: Honorary retired certificate

Why should I consider choosing a Retired status?

Whatever your reasons for no longer providing patient care, you may wish to opt for a board certification status of Retired to:

  • Convey to the public that you are no longer practicing, which is helpful to those who are searching for a physician;
  • Retire from the CC Program, so you no longer need to complete requirements and pay the annual fee;
  • Help the ABPMR keep current and accurate records of currently practicing physiatrists;
  • Receive recognition from the ABPMR of your commitment to board certification over your career.

How do I change my status to Retired?

  • 1.

    First, your certificate must be in good standing and (if applicable) all CC requirements, including fees for those requirements, must be up to date
  • 2.

    Navigate to your User Profile
  • 3.

    Click the Request Retirement Status button and fill out the Retirement Status Request Form
  • 4.

    ABPMR will verify and confirm your request

We encourage physicians who are no longer practicing to preserve their legacy of professionalism by changing their board certification status to Retired.

If we can help to answer your questions or to change your status, please contact us.