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ABPMR PM&R Re-Entry Examination

Mechanism for Getting Back on Track

In 2020, Longitudinal Assessment for PM&R (LA-PM&R) replaced the MOC Examination as the assessment requirement for continuing certification. Now, the ABPMR PM&R Re-Entry Examination is available for those diplomates who don’t meet the LA-PM&R performance standard or whose certification is currently expired. The Re-Entry Examination is based on the blueprint and difficulty level of the ABPMR Part I Examination for initial certification in PM&R.

The Exam

  • 250 Questions
  • Two 3.5-hour sections
  • One 60-minute break between sections
  • 7 hours active testing + tutorial and break

PM&R Re-Entry Examination and the CC Cycle

Eligibility to Take the PM&R Re-Entry Examination

The ABPMR Board of Directors believes that Longitudinal Assessment for LA-PM&R (LA-PM&R) provides the best, evidence-based, and formative method for assessing knowledge and promoting learning for all diplomates. The PM&R Re-Entry Examination is intended not as an alternative to LA-PM&R, but rather as a mechanism for getting you back on track if your performance or participation has fallen off track for LA-PM&R, or if your certification is currently expired and you’d like to regain it now.

You are eligible to apply for the PM&R Re-Entry Examination if:

  • Your primary certification is currently expired
  • You have received notice from the ABPMR that you will not meet the LA-PM&R performance standard, typically at the end of year 3 or 4 of your current five-year cycle. This can be due to low performance or non-participation.

The examination is offered once per year in late summer/early fall. Passing the examination counts for your five-year continuing certification assessment requirement. If you pass by the fifth year of your current cycle and complete all other CC requirements, your certification will be valid for another five-year cycle.

What to Expect on Exam Day

After applying for the PM&R Re-Entry Examination, it's time to start preparing.

Click the link below for more information on registering for a seat and the logistics of exam day.

PM&R Re-Entry Exam Day

Exam Dates & Fees

Application Deadlines & Fees

The next examination has not yet been scheduled. Please check back later for more information.

Exam Dates

The next examination has not yet been scheduled. Please check back later for more information.