Next PM&R Re-Entry Exam

August 5, 2024

ABPMR PM&R Re-Entry Examination

Getting Back on Track

In 2020, Longitudinal Assessment for PM&R (LA-PM&R) replaced the MOC Examination as the assessment requirement for continuing certification. Now, the ABPMR PM&R Re-Entry Examination is available for those diplomates who don’t meet the LA-PM&R performance standard or whose certification is currently expired. The Re-Entry Examination is based on the blueprint and difficulty level of the ABPMR Part I Examination for initial certification in PM&R.

The Exam

  • 250 Questions
  • Two 3.5-hour sections
  • One 60-minute break between sections
  • 7 hours active testing + tutorial and break

PM&R Re-Entry Examination and the CC Cycle

Eligibility to Take the PM&R Re-Entry Examination

The ABPMR Board of Directors believes that Longitudinal Assessment for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (LA-PM&R) provides the best, evidence-based, and formative method for assessing knowledge and promoting learning for all diplomates. The PM&R Re-Entry Examination is intended not as an alternative to LA-PM&R, but rather as a mechanism for getting you back on track if your performance or participation has fallen off track for LA-PM&R, or if your certification is currently expired and you’d like to regain it now.

You are eligible to apply for the PM&R Re-Entry Examination if:

  • Your primary certification is currently expired
  • You have received notice from the ABPMR that you will not meet the LA-PM&R performance standard, typically at the end of year 3 or 4 of your current five-year cycle. This can be due to low performance or non-participation.

The examination is offered once per year in late summer/early fall. Passing the examination counts for your five-year continuing certification assessment requirement. If you pass by the fifth year of your current cycle and complete all other CC requirements, your certification will be valid for another five-year cycle.

What to Expect on Exam Day

After applying for the PM&R Re-Entry Examination, it's time to start preparing.

Click the link below for more information on registering for the exam and the logistics of exam day.

PM&R Re-Entry Exam Day

Exam Dates & Fees

Application Windows & Fees

March 1 - May 15, 2024

  • $795 Fee

May 16 - June 1, 2024

  • $795 Fee
  • $500 Late Fee



Exam Date

August 5, 2024