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October 7 - October 11, 2019

ABPMR MOC Examination

Global Knowledge Assessment

While the other parts of the ABPMR MOC Program give opportunities to learn, improve, and do self-checks, MOC Part III, the MOC Examination, is the only component that offers a periodic external assessment of your knowledge, judgment, and skills.

Unlike the primary certifying examinations, the MOC Examination's purpose is not to ensure you are qualified to practice physiatry. You've already earned certification. The MOC Examination is an opportunity to show what you know, that you have the skills needed for your practice, and that you're keeping up with advances in the field.

ABPMR MOC Part III also ensures compliance with the American Board of Medical Specialties' MOC Standards, which state that our MOC Program must include a periodic assessment of knowledge, judgment, and skills.

The Exam

  • 160 questions
  • One 5-hour section
  • No scheduled break
  • 5 hours active testing time + tutorial

MOC Examination and the MOC Cycle

When to Take the MOC Examination

Passing the MOC Examination is required once every ten years to maintain ABPMR primary certification. Diplomates are allowed to take the exam in years 7-10 of their current MOC cycle, but keep in mind that taking the examination early does not cut your certification short. For example, you can take the MOC Examination in year 8, then finish your other requirements, and your certificate will still expire and re-issue at the end of the 10th year.

Because the exam is offered twice per year, each diplomate has a total of eight chances to pass the exam (if the exam is taken twice annually in years 7, 8, 9, and 10).

Note that the examination is not linked to any other part of the ABPMR MOC Program, so you can take it regardless of whether you have completed Parts II or IV of your MOC requirements.

MOC Requirements (Pre-2012)

MOC Requirements (Post-2012)

What to Expect on Exam Day

After applying for the MOC Examination, it's time to start preparing.

Click the link below for more information on registering for a seat and the logistics of exam day.

MOC Exam Day

Exam Dates & Fees

Application Windows & Fees

April 1 - June 15, 2019

  • $795 Examination Fee

June 16 - July 15, 2019

  • $795 Examination Fee
  • $500 Late Fee



Exam Dates

October 7 - October 11, 2019