Medical Boards Experiencing Incidences of a Scam: Be Alert!

The ABPMR has been made aware of a scam targeting physicians in some medical specialties.

A caller, who claims to be from a certification board, requests an email address from the physician, or their staff, and then sends a link or attachment that launches a ransomware attack to comb through patient data and photos.

While the ABPMR has not heard of any PM&R physicians receiving these calls, please take a moment to consider these online safety tips:

  • When in doubt, contact the ABPMR to verify the legitimacy of any emails before opening attachments or clicking links.

  • Contact your network administrator to ask for additional tips on ways to keep your email secure and your practice data protected.

  • If you receive a suspicious phone call from someone claiming to be from the ABPMR, hang up and call our office to verify.

  • Do not give your contact information over the phone. You can update your information through the ABPMR portal.

Our goal is to provide our physicians with as much security and privacy as possible. If you are ever in doubt or questioning anything, please contact our office at (507) 282–1776.

Originally Published: July 25, 2023