October 01, 2017 - Research

Published: ABPMR Research on Part I Dimensionality

This study analyzed the dimensionality of the Part I Examination and its implications for construct validity.

From the study:

"Ideally, high-stakes examinations assess one dimension of medical knowledge to produce precise estimates of a candidate’s performance...

"When measures are unidimensional, one can better understand the meaning of the measure and then make a valid inference about an examination score from a particular candidate…

"Evidence of unidimensionality as an aspect of construct validity assures candidates that high-stakes certification examinations yield valid and reliable inferences about scores and results.”

The findings showed that the examination is highly unidimensional, and the authors conclude that the test is successful in measuring one thing: test-takers' core PM&R knowledge. Therefore, ABPMR candidates can be confident that their performance accurately reflects their amount of PM&R knowledge.

Click on the link below to read the abstract or download the full article.

Demonstrating Construct Validity of the American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Part I Examination: An Analysis of Dimensionality

Raddatz M, Robinson LR. PMRJ. 2017;9(10)985-989.