Subspecialty Certification

Introducing Longitudinal Assessment for Brain Injury Medicine

Following the successful pilot and launch of longitudinal assessment for continuing certification in PM&R, the ABPMR will offer longitudinal assessment for Brain Injury Medicine (LA-BIM) for continuing certification in BIM beginning in 2024. Similar to LA-PM&R, LA-BIM is a learning platform designed to assist diplomates in keeping up to date in their BIM knowledge with relevant resources, provide immediate feedback, and identify gaps for learning and improvement over time.

Previously, BIM diplomates have recertified through the BIM Examination offered every 10 years; after passing the examination, diplomates received a 10-year certificate. LA-BIM is a shorter, quarterly assessment with a five-year cycle.

The BIM Examination will be offered for diplomates with cycle end dates in 2024. All BIM diplomates are encouraged to participate in LA-BIM to continue their certification, regardless of certification end dates or when they last took the BIM Examination. The BIM Examination will be offered every other year as a re-entry pathway for diplomates who do not meet the performance standard in LA-BIM.

Here is a breakdown of LA-BIM options depending on your certificate expiration:

You have recently recertified in BIM:

If you have taken or will take the 2022 or 2023 examination to recertify, you will close out your 10-year certificate and recertify with a five-year cycle if you pass the examination. Even though you have recently renewed your certification, you are encouraged to begin participating in LA-BIM in 2024. If you recently took the BIM Examination to gain BIM certification, we are honoring all 10-year initial certificates issued in or before 2022, but still recommend starting LA-BIM in 2024.

Reminder: We understand diplomates expect to receive a 10-year certificate after recertifying with the BIM Examination. You are taking the exam to finish out the requirements of your 10-year cycle, then will roll into the LA format with five-year cycles if you take and pass the 2022 or 2023 examination.

Cycle ends in 2024:

You can take the BIM Examination in 2023 or 2024 to close out your 10-year certificate and recertify to begin your five-year cycle. We encourage you to begin participation in LA-BIM in 2024 instead of taking the exam— you can recertify through a summative assessment from your 2024 LA-BIM performance and roll into your five-year cycle.

Cycle ends in 2026 or beyond:

You must begin LA-BIM in 2024 and will recertify if you meet the performance standard at the end of the year in which your certification expires (December 31). Once you recertify, your five-year cycle will begin, starting January 1.

LA-BIM will be structured similarly to LA-PM&R

  • Quarters 1-3: Traditional multiple-choice items; reattempt questions for missed questions in subsequent quarter

  • Quarter 4: Reattempts from missed Q3 questions + article-based questions with immediate reattempts if you answer an article-based question incorrectly

  • Your LA dashboard will be available for you to keep up with your quarterly progress and requirements, and review items/sources from past quarters

  • Unlike LA-PM&R, there will be no customization for topic areas or article-based questions

Originally Published: January 03, 2023