New: LA-PM&R Article-Based Questions

If you’ve been participating in LA-PM&R (longitudinal assessment for PM&R) prior to 2023, you know different quarters give a mix of new questions, reattempt questions, and clone questions. Instead of clone questions in Quarter 4, LA-PM&R will now show 10 article-based questions.

These questions give you the opportunity to read studies in the field of PM&R and answer relevant questions to assist you in continuous and up-to-date learning. See below for details on what these questions are, and watch the short tutorial video to see how to set them up for your assessment.

How article-based questions work

Article-based questions are just what they sound like: Questions on your LA-PM&R assessment that are based on articles in the field of PM&R. You choose the articles you want to be assessed on according to your interests and practice relevance. We are excited for the opportunity this gives LA-PM&R users to read important studies in the field, as well as the value it adds to your assessment and learning.

Article-based questions will only be seen in Quarter 4 of your assessment. Now, your Quarter 4 question breakdown will be 10 article-based questions and any reattempt questions from Quarter 3. Clone questions will no longer be shown on LA-PM&R.

Selecting your articles

Articles will be selected beginning in October (the start of Quarter 4). You will see 10 article names when you login to the platform to choose your articles— from these 10 articles, you select 5 you want to read and be assessed on. Each article you select will have two related questions in Quarter 4 to answer after reading.

You can access the articles before answering your questions and can also access the articles while completing your questions.

5 articles of your choosing x 2 questions per article = 10 article-based questions in Quarter 4

Article-based questions scoring

If you answer an article-based question incorrectly, you will have a chance to read a rationale and immediately reattempt the question to receive full credit— as if you never answered the question incorrectly.

What else to know

  • You may login to the LA-PM&R platform and select your articles starting in October 2023.

  • Article-based questions have a 15-minute time limit per question. This ensures adequate time to read the article and answer each question. (All other LA-PM&R questions have a three-minute time limit.)

  • Once your articles are selected, you cannot make changes.

  • Quarter 1 through Quarter 3 questions will remain the same, so your 2023 assessment breakdown will be:

    Quarter 1: 20 questions

    Quarter 2: 15 new questions + any reattempts from Q1

    Quarter 3: 15 new questions + any reattempts from Q2

    Quarter 4: 10 article-based questions + any reattempts from Q3

Article-Based Questions Tutorial

Watch this video to see how to select articles and what article-based questions will look like on your assessment:

Please reach out to the board office if you have questions as you participate in LA-PM&R 2023.

Originally Published: August 01, 2022