LA-PM&R Feature Spotlight: Pacing Tool

In addition to increased assessment content customization, the new LA-PM&R platform allows participants to set their own goals and deadlines for answering questions within the platform—and then set the frequency of notifications they'd like to receive to help keep them on track.

This article provides a preview of the tools and instructions on how to use them.

When a participant first signs into the platform and completes the assessment design, they'll see access to view and adjust their pacing on the right side of the dashboard:

Pacing configurations include the ability to set a custom deadline (completion date), reminder frequency, and any specific dates you'd rather not get scheduled reminders.

To see how the pacing guidelines change according to your set goal completion date, select the date on which you'd like to finish your questions (must be on or before the current quarter's deadline):

After you click 'Save Changes' at the bottom of the page, you may see the pacing recommendation on the right adjust to your new deadline:

Then you may set your notification preferences, checking the days of the week you'd like the platform to send you an email or text reminder to sign in and answer your questions:

For even more customization, the final tool on the page allows you to indicate any dates when you'd rather not receive notifications. This could be call days, vacation days, or holidays when you're not planning to work on your questions:

After indicating your preferences, don't forget to click 'Save Changes' at the bottom of the page to apply your changes.

When you go back to your dashboard, you'll see new guidance under 'This Week's Tasks' indicating how many questions you still need to answer to say on track:

We hope our diplomates find these tools helpful as we put more of these settings in your control. After all, it is your certification—we're just providing the tools to help you improve over time to meet your requirements.

LA-PM&R 2021 Enrollment Now Open

Want to experience these tools for yourself? Don't forget to enroll in LA-PM&R for 2021! Even if you're a current participant, diplomates need to re-enroll every year. There is no additional cost to participate and LA-PM&R may be part of your continuing certification requirements. Read more and make a plan to enroll today.

Questions? Reach out to the board office; we're always happy to help.

Originally Published: October 15, 2020