What is LA-PM&R Like? What Users Had To Say

With LA-PM&R just around the corner, you may be wondering: But what is it really like? Is answering questions every quarter burdensome? If you've never used the platform before, is it difficult to learn? Will the content be relevant to my practice, and will the process be easy to understand?

Over the last six months, we've been releasing short videos featuring physiatrist volunteers who were part of the one-year LA-PM&R pilot in 2018. Their feedback in these videos, along with the stellar user satisfaction survey results, tell a compelling story: Once they're using LA-PM&R, ABPMR diplomates find it easy to use, relevant to their practice, convenient and accessible, and a valuable learning tool for real-world physiatrists.

We've already let you know that our board of directors is committed to the program and believes strongly in the value it will add to certification. But please, don't take our word for it. Listen to what your colleagues have to say:

Want to hear more? Visit our LA-PM&R Testimonials video showcase where you can watch all of the 2-minute videos from LA-PM&R pilot participants.

Originally Published: December 03, 2019