Primary Certification

2020 Part I Examination Seat Displacements

Last night, the ABPMR informed just over 100 of the ABPMR 2020 Part I Examination candidates that due to COVID-19 capacity limitations, Pearson VUE is planning to cancel their exam seat in the next couple of days. The displaced list came directly from Pearson VUE and is related to the exact seat the candidate reserved at the testing center they chose—the ABPMR had no input into the list and unfortunately we weren’t able to make any changes or adjustments.

The ABPMR team has been working behind the scenes with Pearson VUE, and just yesterday afternoon they informed us of additional capacity (exam seats) for displaced candidates to take the exam on Monday, November 9, 2020. These seats were made available this morning at 9:00 a.m. Central Time to displaced candidates.

Several displaced candidates were able to find alternate seats at a different location for August 3, and we encourage any displaced candidates still interested in the August 3 date to keep checking the Pearson VUE website for availability up until the exam date, as seat availability seems to shift daily.

Any candidate who did not receive an email from the ABPMR and do not have an additional "pre-approved exam" listed when signing into Pearson VUE: Your seat for Aug. 3 is safe from the displacement plan. Keep in mind that sudden center closures are still possible locally in the case of exposure events or state mandates.

All candidates still have the option of electing to take a full fee carryover to the 2021 exam.

While the timing of this announcement is far from ideal for our candidates, Pearson VUE’s system identifies cancelled seats close to the event date in order to displace as few candidates as possible; the ABPMR reached out to candidates within hours of receiving the final plan from Pearson VUE. We encourage any affected candidates to reach out to the ABPMR with questions and concerns.

Originally Published: July 23, 2020