Initial Certification Research

Published: Rates of Candidate Success Correlated with Delays in Taking Exams

This study examined whether a delay (beyond completion of residency) in taking the Part I or Part II Examinations had an effect on candidates' scores and pass rates, as well as looking at whether a post-residency fellowship has an effect on Part II Examination performance.

The authors found that passing rates declined each year that a candidate delayed the examination beyond initial eligibility. The study also showed that candidates who had completed a fellowship scored higher on the Part II Examination than their counterparts who had not done additional training. Based on these findings, the authors recommend that residents and fellows take the certification examinations as soon after their training as possible for optimal performance and the best chance of passing.

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Does Delay in Taking the American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Certification Examinations Affect Passing Rates? Robinson LR, Driscoll S, Sabharwal S, Raddatz M, Chiodo AE. Am J Phys Med Rehabil. 2016;95(10):725-729.

Originally Published: October 01, 2016