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What About Me?

How does CertLink implementation affect you? Select your current certificate expiration year to find out. (Not sure when your current certificate expires? Find yourself on our Physician Search Tool or log in to your account.)


Getting Back On Track

First, we want to emphasize that the purpose of CertLink is to keep you up to date and in the process of continual learning. You’ve already earned your certification, and longitudinal assessment is a research-backed tool to help you stay up to date. This is the philosophy and heart of this program, and to that end, we anticipate the primary reason for loss of certification will be non-participation or professionalism issues.

The purpose of CertLink is to keep you up to date.

  • Our goal in switching to this assessment method is to make the certification process more formative, enhancing the value of your board certification by integrating a continual knowledge assessment and offering resources to improve.

Your CertLink assessment score won’t be a surprise.

  • The ABPMR will continually monitor performance and provide individualized updates on performance and whether you’re meeting the standard. The vast majority of diplomates will stay on track simply by using the platform, which helps you learn and improve over time. Diplomates who don’t participate or whose performance hovers near the assessment standard will get notifications and suggestions for remediation long before the final assessment.

We’ll offer help along the way.

  • One of the most exciting possibilities of longitudinal assessment is truly individualized learning – over time as you get a fuller picture of how you’re performing and where your knowledge gaps are, the ABPMR hopes to begin offering suggestions for educational resources and opportunities in relevant areas.

Re-Entry Pathways

For those whose certification has expired or been dropped voluntarily, or for those looking to get back on track after CertLink is implemented, there are two pathways for fulfilling the assessment requirement as part of regaining certification:

Five-Year CertLink Assessment Cycle

  • Complete a five-year assessment block (final assessment occurs in year 5), meet performance standard
  • Complete all other MOC requirements
  • After CertLink results are finalized, status will be "Certified, not meeting requirements"
  • On January 1 of following year, status will be "Certified, meeting requirements"

Re-Entry Exam

  • Apply, pay for, and pass the re-entry exam, a secure examination alternative to longitudinal assessment
  • This 250-item exam is based on the blueprint of the Part I Examination (including difficulty level)
  • Complete all other MOC requirements
  • Upon passing the exam, status will be "Certified, not meeting requirements"
  • On January 1 of following year, status will be "Certified, meeting requirements"