January 12, 2022 - LA-PMR

New: LA-PM&R Article-Based Questions

If you’ve been participating in LA-PM&R (longitudinal assessment for PM&R), you know different quarters give a mix of new questions, reattempt questions, and clone questions. Instead of clone questions in Quarter 4, LA-PM&R will now show 10 article-based questions.

These questions give you the opportunity to read studies in the field of PM&R and answer relevant questions to assist you in continuous and up-to-date learning. See below for details on what these questions are and how to set them up for your 2022 assessment!

How article-based questions work

Article-based questions are just what they sound like: Questions on your LA-PM&R assessment that are based on articles in the field of PM&R. You choose the articles you want to be assessed on according to your interests and practice relevance. We are excited for the opportunity this gives LA-PM&R users to read important studies in the field, as well as the value it adds to your assessment and learning.

Article-based questions will only be seen in Quarter 4 of your assessment. Now, your Quarter 4 question breakdown will be 10 article-based questions and any reattempt questions from Quarter 3. Clone questions will no longer be shown on LA-PM&R.

Selecting your articles

Articles will be selected beginning on October 1 (the start of Quarter 4). You will see 10 article names when you login to the platform to choose your articles— from these 10 articles, you select 5 you want to read and be assessed on. Each article you select will have two related questions in Quarter 4 to answer after reading.

5 articles of your choosing x 2 questions per article = 10 article-based questions in Quarter 4

What else to know

  • You may login to the LA-PM&R platform and select your articles starting on October 1, 2022. We will provide more information on this process closer to the start of Quarter 4.

  • Article-based questions have a 15-minute time limit per question. This ensures adequate time to read the article and answer each question. (All other LA-PM&R questions have a two-minute time limit.)

  • Once your articles are selected, you cannot make changes.

  • Quarter 1 through Quarter 3 questions will remain the same, so your 2022 assessment breakdown will be:

    Quarter 1: 20 questions

    Quarter 2: 15 new questions + any reattempts from Q1

    Quarter 3: 15 new questions + any reattempts from Q2

    Quarter 4: 10 article-based questions + any reattempts from Q3

Enrollment for LA-PM&R 2022 is open (now in the late period). Enroll now! The platform will open soon for the 2022 assessment.

As Quarter 4 approaches, please keep an eye out for more communication and instructions for setting up article-based questions in your assessment.

Please reach out to the board office if you have questions as you participate in LA-PM&R 2022.