LA-PM&R Upgrades, Program Changes for Rest of 2020

The ABPMR recognizes our diplomates critical medical professionals, and our thoughts remain with them during the continuing COVID-19 pandemic — particularly as they begin seeing post-recovery patients for various rehabilitation needs.

To help during this demanding time, today we are announcing additional major program changes for Longitudinal Assessment for PM&R (LA-PM&R) for 2020 as well as an upcoming upgrade to the platform. Keep reading below the graphic for more details.

July: A Hiatus to Prepare for a Platform Upgrade in August
During the month of July, the ABPMR will be preparing to launch a brand-new LA-PM&R platform. Because of the work necessary to transition all current participants to the new platform, no questions will be released next month and users will not have access to their question history. When it launches in August, the platform will look different but will retain its functionality (and then some!). We look forward to sharing all the new features as the launch approaches.

Increased Content Customization
We are thrilled to announce that starting in August, participants be able to dial content customization up to 50 percent in all categories. (Minimum content percentages will remain the same.) We thank our diplomates for giving us time to build up the LA-PM&R question bank in order to offer this improvement, which was one of the most-requested in diplomate feedback. Participants will set new customization percentages the first time they log into the new platform in August; content percentages can be reviewed and reset again each January.

Extended Quarter for Remainder of 2020
In order to maintain a reduced burden on diplomates during the pandemic, the next LA-PM&R ‘quarter’ will extend from August through December, with only 20 questions for participants to answer for the remainder of the year. All diplomates’ quotas and scoring will be adjusted automatically.

Questions? Please reach out to the board office; we're here to help.

Originally Published: June 18, 2020