Primary Certification

New Video: Part II Examination Scoring Q&A

Because the Part II Examination is administered orally with examiners scoring the performance of candidates, there are understandably questions each year about how scoring works for Part II. In this new video, ABPMR Senior Psychometrician Mikaela Raddatz, PhD, answers some of the most common questions — including new questions this year in light of changes to the exam format and structure.

We cover these questions:

  • How is scoring affected by the different variables this year, including decreased number of cases and sessions, but more examiners?
  • Does performance in one domain affect scoring later in the vignette?
  • How does the group of candidates in your individual cohort affect scoring?
  • Will candidates in later cohorts have any advantage over those who test earlier?

Please take just over three minutes to hear Dr. Raddatz's answers.

Originally Published: September 04, 2020