Primary Certification

New Video: Part II Examination Webinar with Dr. Garrison

Christopher Garrison, MD, MBA, and Part II Examination Committee Chair, hosted the Part II Examination webinar to present details on Domain A and answer candidate questions.

Dr. Garrison also gave information on the exam format, what to expect from the examiner, and tips on preparing for and taking the exam.

To address scoring questions, he was joined by Mikaela Raddatz, Ph.D., and ABPMR Senior Psychometrician.

This webinar answers:

  • What should candidates know about Domain A?

  • What will communication with the examiner look like in Domain A?

  • Are points taken away for being too thorough with history, exam, and differential diagnosis?

  • How specific should candidates be in explaining their thought process?

  • Will candidates see any part of the clinical case description or questions being asked on their screen?

  • Why did the pass rate change from last year?

  • What is the best way to prepare for the exam?

  • What resources are available to study for the exam?

To see the resources and study materials referenced in the webinar, check the Part II tag on our News Center.

Watch the full webinar with Dr. Garrison below!

Originally Published: April 14, 2021