August 26, 2020 - Primary Certification

Preparing your Exam Room for Virtual Part II

Ensuring you don't have prohibited items with you during the Part II Examination looks a little different this year.

Because the examination is taking place virtually in candidates' homes or offices, they will be responsible for clearing their space and ensuring they have no prohibited items with them during the examination. During the check-in process, ABPMR staff will be conducting a room scan with the candidate, and we are encouraging them to prepare the space ahead of time so check-in can go smoothly.

To prepare the desk and room for the exam, candidates should ensure they have the allowed items—and not much else:

  • Computer (connected to power) with built-in or external webcam
  • Wired headphones or earbuds with microphone
  • Government-issued identification
  • Drink in a plain container
  • Two (2) sheets of blank paper
  • One writing utensil

Candidates should check out the graphic below (click to enlarge) to help prepare their space for the exam, and as always, contact the ABPMR with any questions.