Banking Credit: Earn Credit for PIPs Completed During Training

The ABPMR Board of Directors recently voted to allow residents and fellows to use a PIP completed during training for credit in the ABPMR Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Program.

In addition, the board approved a new, simplified form for its self-directed practice improvement project, reducing the number of form sections to 10 items that take the physician through the Plan-Do-Study-Act process. The form will be integrated into the secure physician home page within the next few months for use by ABPMR diplomates.

"Since quality improvement (QI) is now built into residency training and fellowship program standards, it made sense to allow those projects to count for the first 5-year milestone PIP for new diplomates," says Carolyn Kinney MD, ABPMR Executive Director. "We're proud to offer this option for our newest diplomates as a way to get a jump-start on their MOC requirements."

Stay tuned; we will make another announcement when the new simplified form is available on our website, as well as directions for how residents and fellows should go about submitting their in-training projects. In the meantime, check out the self-directed PIP portion of the website for more information on this option.

Originally Published: February 22, 2017