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Transformational Strategies Guide ABPMR in Updated Strategic Plan

Transformational Strategies Guide ABPMR in Updated Strategic Plan

To ensure the ABPMR continues to fulfill its mission, the Board periodically reviews its operations, programs and services. In 2017, the Board of Directors created a five-year strategic plan that would guide the organization through the creation of transformational strategies. Many new initiatives were successfully implemented from the plan including the transition to longitudinal assessment for the primary certificate and all subspecialties; collaborating with the AAPM&R and the AAP in developing recommended residency program requirement revisions for the ACGME; and publishing several original research articles demonstrating the value and importance of board certification.

As the five-year plan was nearing its completion, the ABPMR Board reviewed the plan and elected to update and revise it to continue to build on its success and foundations.

“The original planning process was very thorough and incorporated many stakeholders, including voices outside the ABPMR,” says ABPMR Executive Director Carolyn Kinney, MD. “The board created a plan that represented where we are, where we’d like to go, and how we will get there.”

Dr. Kinney added building upon the foundation of the original plan and updating it accordingly made the most sense in moving the organization forward. “The principles established in the plan will continue to guide our decision-making in order to benefit diplomates, and ultimately our patients.”

The updated strategic plan incorporates a newly revised mission and vision for the organization that accurately reflects the goals of the ABPMR in the current environment. In addition, an overall foundation was added to the strategic plan that will serve as a major guiding force for all strategies: Commitment to enhancing value and relevance, professionalism, diversity, equity and inclusion. The plan still has three main transformational strategies that have the largest potential to steer ABPMR into the future, guided by our mission and vision; five enabling strategies to support and underpin the transformational strategies. Several strategies have been enhanced and realigned in this iteration to address emerging trends in PM&R.

Transformational Strategies

Formative/Integrated Assessment

Design a formative and integrated assessment process for certification that facilitates learning throughout a physiatrist’s career.

Trusted Partnerships

Become a trusted convener to support dynamic learning and innovation that positively impacts the future and direction of the field of physiatry.

Innovation and Technology

Pursue an objective and data-driven approach to assessing the impact of participating in ABPMR certification that will guide ABPMR decision making and innovation.

Enabling Strategies

Structure and Function

Revise the organizational structure as needed to ensure appropriate resources and consistent understanding of roles and responsibilities.

Fiscal Stewardship

Enhance financial management tools and capabilities to support plan implementation.


Develop a defined strategy/approach to guide partnership and collaboration efforts.


Develop detailed communication plans and strategies that support plan implementation.


Achieve consensus on strategic value research and develop a detailed research plan.

Originally Published: August 15, 2023