January 05, 2022 - CC

Volunteer Spotlight: Loren Davidson, MD

The ABPMR January Volunteer Spotlight feature is Loren Davidson, MD. Click to read more about Dr. Davidson, including his history with PM&R, collaborating with other ABPMR volunteers, and his adventurous lifestyle outside of work and volunteering.

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August 31, 2021 - Primary Certification

Volunteer Spotlight: Felicia Skelton, MD, MS

The August Volunteer Spotlight feature is first-time ABPMR volunteer, Felicia Skelton, MD, MS. Click to read about Dr. Skelton's life in a clinical practice and research role, her first year as an oral examiner, and what she's excited for in the upcoming years as a volunteer!

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July 20, 2021 - Primary Certification

Volunteer Spotlight: Shashank Davé, DO

The July Volunteer Spotlight feature is Shashank Davé, DO. Dr. Davé shares the vivid story of how he first became interested in PM&R, his volunteer work with the ABPMR, and his many unique hobbies. Click to read his Spotlight!

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June 02, 2021 - Primary Certification

Volunteer Spotlight: Cherina Cyborski, MD

The June Volunteer Spotlight feature is Cherina Cyborski, MD. Dr. Cyborski discusses the experience that got her interested in PM&R, starting a new position during the pandemic, and what she loves about volunteering.

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March 15, 2021 - Primary Certification

Volunteer Spotlight: Lauren Shapiro, MD, MPH

We are featuring Lauren Shapiro, MD, MPH, for the March Volunteer Spotlight. Read Dr. Shapiro's Spotlight to hear about her time volunteering as an item writer for LA-PM&R and how she's staying occupied during quarantine.

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