Just launched: New, Improved LA-PM&R

It's here!

The new, improved Longitudinal Assessment for PM&R (LA-PM&R) launched this week with several new features to make the tool even more valuable for ABPMR diplomates.

After extending the first segment of questions through the end of June in response to pandemic pressures, the platform was unavailable during the month of July while we worked on the upgraded platform.

In addition to better functionality and data behind the scenes, the new platform boasts several features and tools we think will add more value for diplomates:

  • Content customization percentages increase to 50%. In response to diplomate feedback and thanks to our volunteer LA-PM&R item writers building up our item bank, we were able to increase all customization content percentage maximums to 50% (up from 35%). Due to the new maximums, participants will be asked to design their assessment upon their first sign-in this segment, then annually every January thereafter.
  • New pacing tool. A brand new feature in the platform, the new pacing tool allows diplomates to customize both their preferred pace and the frequency of reminders they receive throughout each quarter. While the last day to answer questions is the same for everyone, diplomates can elect to finish earlier and set goals according to their own deadline. In addition, the pacing tool allows users to suspend reminders during certain times, like during a vacation week or hospital service week, to fit their schedule.
  • Removal of 'Community Comparison' feature. Not possible in the earlier version of LA-PM&R, in this new platform we have removed the widget that compared a diplomate's performance to their peers. We agreed with diplomate feedback that this feature wasn't relevant or valuable to individual learning and growth, and sent the wrong message in a collaborative specialty.
  • Better responsive design. The new LA-PM&R was designed with mobile in mind, so the platform functions well at all sizes and configurations. Next year we anticipate launching a new standalone mobile app as well.
  • In-depth technical/platform FAQ. Once signed in, diplomates are encouraged to review the FAQ link, which is a technical FAQ to help you troubleshoot any issues with firewalls or browser issues.

As we've previously announced, due to continued COVID-19 concerns, LA-PM&R participants will answer just 20 more questions for the rest of 2020 — meaning that the total number of LA-PM&R questions delivered this year will be 40, or two quarters' worth. All participation quotas and assessment cycle scores will be adjusted automatically.

We hope that 2021 will allow us to return to the plan for quarterly questions and a more consistent learning experience.

LA-PM&R users, please sign in soon to discover all the amazing new features above and more. In the future, the ABPMR looks forward to taking advantage of all the capabilities within this platform to continue innovating LA-PM&R, always with the goal of making it even more valuable and relevant to all diplomates.

Not enrolled in LA-PM&R this year? Look for 2021 enrollment to open this October for next year!

Originally Published: August 05, 2020