Subspecialty Certification

2022 Sports Medicine Examination for Fellows

If you are a Sports Medicine Fellow or a Sports Medicine Fellow Director, we have important information regarding the 2022 Sports Medicine Examination.

As a Fellow, final admissibility to the 2022 Sports Medicine Examination is contingent on passing the Part II Examination in May. This year, the Part II Examination (May 16-20) and Sports Medicine Examination (July 12-16) are eight weeks apart. This is just within the minimum timeframe it takes to release exam results. While we hope to release Part II Examination results before the Sports Medicine Examination in July, we cannot guarantee it. (Why do exam results take weeks to release?)

How will this work?

  • You may apply for the 2022 Sports Medicine Examination before taking the Part II Examination in May. Log into and continue to the “Assessment Dashboard” then choose “Sports Medicine.” Apply by April 30, 2022.

  • If 2022 Part II Examination results are not released by the July Sports Medicine Examination that you applied for, your seat will be cancelled and the application automatically moved to the November exam administration. No additional fees will be required.

  • If you are not successful on the Part II Examination, you become ineligible for the 2022 Sports Medicine Examination. You must then pass a future administration of the Part II Examination to take the Sports Medicine Examination.

The $1,400 Sports Medicine Examination fee will be returned if you are unsuccessful on the Part II Examination; the $600 processing fee is nonrefundable.

  • You may still take the Sports Medicine Examination in July even if you don’t know your pass/fail status of the Part II Examination. However, if your Part II results come back unsuccessful, your Sports Medicine Examination results become invalid. You would then repeat both the Part II and Sports Medicine Examinations.

What else is important about applying for the exam?

  • The total exam cost is $2,000 ($1,400 fee plus a $600 processing fee.)

  • Apply by April 30, 2022. No late fees will be assessed, but you still need to apply ahead of time to guarantee your seat.

We encourage each candidate to weigh their options carefully and choose the best path to subspecialty certification for them. Please reach out to the board office if we can provide further information or if you have any questions.

Originally Published: April 20, 2022