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ABPMR Strategic Plan: Reaffirmed Mission, Reimagined Vision, Refocused Strategies

Last year, the ABPMR Board of Directors completed a yearlong strategic planning process, emerging with a reaffirmed mission, a brand-new vision statement, and eight key strategic areas on which to focus for the next five years.

“The process was very thorough and incorporated many stakeholders, including voices outside the ABPMR,” says ABPMR Executive Director Carolyn Kinney, MD. “The board created a plan that represents well where we are, where we’d like to go, and how we will get there.”

Dr. Kinney added that sharing the plan publicly serves as a declaration of organizational intention. “These are the principles by which we’ll be making every decision for the next five years,” says Dr. Kinney. “We want our diplomates, collaborators, and the field to understand where we’re setting our priorities and direction for the near future.”

Reaffirmed Mission

Before getting into strategic themes, the board of directors reviewed the ABPMR mission to determine whether it still accurately reflected the organization’s guiding principles; ultimately the mission was reaffirmed.

ABPMR Mission

The mission of the ABPMR is to serve the public by improving the quality of patient care in physical medicine and rehabilitation. This is accomplished through a process of certification and maintenance of certification that fosters excellence and encourages continuous learning.

Reimagined Vision

The ABPMR had not defined a vision in the past, so the board of directors used the strategic planning process to craft one. While the mission is the main guiding idea of the organization, the vision identifies priorities and key principles that will help accomplish the mission.

ABPMR Vision

The ABPMR will continue to provide — in partnership with diplomates — a dynamic, reliable, and valid certification process that:

  • Is transparent, valuable, and relevant throughout a physiatrist’s career
  • Facilitates lifelong learning and promotes professionalism
  • Supports improvements in quality of care and the functional outcomes of patients
Refocused Strategies

A total of eight key strategies were identified, divided into two groups: Three main transformational strategies have the largest potential to project ABPMR into the future, guided by our mission and vision; five enabling strategies support and underpin the transformational strategies.

Transformational Strategies

Formative/Integrated Assessment

Design a formative and integrated assessment process for certification that facilitates learning throughout a physiatrist’s career.

Trusted Convener

Become a trusted convener to support dynamic learning and innovation that positively impacts the future and direction of the field of physiatry.


Pursue an objective and data-driven approach to assessing the impact of participating in ABPMR certification that will guide ABPMR decision making and innovation.

Enabling Strategies

Structure and Function

Revise the organizational structure as needed to ensure appropriate resources and consistent understanding of roles and responsibilities.


Enhance financial management tools and capabilities to support plan implementation.


Develop a defined strategy/approach to guide partnership and collaboration efforts.


Develop detailed communication plans and strategies that support plan implementation.


Achieve consensus on strategic value research and develop a detailed research plan.

More to Come

Over the next few months, we’ll be sharing examples of how the ABPMR’s current and future initiatives tie into these strategic plan themes. In the meantime, feel free to reach out to ask us about any elements of the strategic plan and the organization’s direction for the next few years.

Originally Published: June 12, 2019