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ABPMR Winter Board Meeting: Board Director News

At the ABPMR Winter Board Meeting in January 2022, two new physician members were elected to serve on the ABPMR board and four new officers were announced.

Susan Apkon, MD, and David Pruitt, MD, were elected to the board of directors and will start their first term in August 2022. Read more about Dr. Apkon and Dr. Pruitt.

The four new officers that will start their roles on August 1, 2022:

Sherilyn Driscoll, MD— Chair

Jeffery Johns, MD— Vice Chair

Diane Braza, MD— Treasurer

Gerard Francisco, MD— Secretary

Dr. Driscoll will succeed Dr. James McDeavitt as Board Chair, whose term expires July 31, 2022.

Originally Published: February 23, 2022