ABPMR Accelerates CertLink Pilot, Announces Forthcoming Continuous Certification Program

Over the last few years as we’ve been gathering diplomate input on the current ABPMR Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Program, they’ve said they want a more relevant, more meaningful, and less burdensome way to keep up with their certification requirements.

The ABPMR has been deliberating on the best way forward that accomplishes those goals while upholding the quality standards that board certification represents.

Today, the ABPMR is announcing that we hope to accelerate the current CertLink® longitudinal assessment pilot, with plans to open the platform to all diplomates as early as 2020 (tentative). This is part of a transition to a new Continuous Certification Program, which will replace the current MOC Program.

Together, Continuous Certification and CertLink represent a new approach to ABPMR certification that’s more focused on learning and continuous improvement. (You’ll hear more about this new approach, and how it aligns with a new vision and strategic plan for the ABPMR, in the next few months.)

Full details of the implementation plan will be released after the CertLink pilot, which we now hope to conclude in the Spring of 2019. Provided the pilot is successful, potentially as early as 2020 CertLink will:

  • Replace the current secure MOC Part III Examination
  • Count for self-assessment (SA) CME requirements (Earn up to 10 SA-CME per year of CertLink participation)
  • Eventually be part of your five-year Continuous Certification Program requirements, which also include professionalism, lifelong learning (CME), and quality improvement

Next spring, we’ll be sending personalized instructions to our diplomates so they know how these implementation plans will affect them based on their current certification cycles and requirements.

Originally Published: October 04, 2018