Celebrating the Launch of the ABPMR CertLink Pilot!

We're celebrating — the ABPMR CertLink Pilot is officially underway!

Although the pilot launched in April, today is the first day pilot participants are logging into the platform to answer questions. Check out this two-minute video for your first look at the platform:

Our sincerest thanks go to:

  • The pilot participants who agreed to give their ongoing time and input to this project
  • The many experienced and new item writers volunteering their time to write questions in a new format for this endeavor
  • The CertLink Advisory Group for giving us feedback and opinions as the pilot design was taking shape

The ABPMR is pleased to be taking this new step toward the future of maintenance of certification (MOC).

Go to our CertLink page to learn more about the pilot design and timeline, or read through all the CertLink News Center stories for the latest updates since the pilot was announced.

Originally Published: May 01, 2018