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Recording Posted: Part II Examination FAQ Webinar

On September 2, 2020, the ABPMR hosted a live webinar featuring a panel of Part II Examination experts. Nearly 70 Part II Examination candidates joined us live and submitted questions prior to the event and during the webinar itself.

We encourage all Part II candidates to watch the recording of this wide-ranging discussion on all things Part II, including questions such as:

Exam Logistics/Technology:

  • What are the expectations for the room scan and allowed items?
  • How has the ABPMR tested and prepared for the technology aspects of virtual Part II?
  • What if there are technological difficulties during the exam, like losing internet or power?
  • What is the ABPMR doing to ensure candidates don't cheat?


  • How does the new format of testing (different number of cases, sessions, examiners) affect scoring this year?
  • How is Domain A scored if it's a dialogue?

Exam Content:

  • For the differential, is there a certain number we should aim for to be thorough?
  • For Domain A, how will physical examination be addressed? Will the examiner provide information on findings?
  • Is there a penalty for asking for a ROS or findings not pertinent to the compliant, if I'm just trying to be thorough?
  • If I'm unable to get to all the aspects of the history and physical exam and the examiner moves me along, will those elements be counted as 'missed?'

Many more topics were discussed, including several questions that were submitted in real time as the panelists were discussing various aspects of the examination. Feedback from participants indicated that participating in the webinar was time well spent and they felt that the information provided will help them better prepare for the exam. Watch the video here, or click on the 'vimeo' logo to click through and watch on Vimeo:

Originally Published: September 04, 2020