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New Video: Part II Examination Q&A With Dr. Matt McLaughlin

Experienced examiner Matt McLaughlin, MD, MS, hosted an Instagram Live to answer Part II Examination candidate questions and give advice for approaching the exam.

Questions he addresses include:

  • Will candidates be able to see the question stem/text on-screen so they can reference it while answering?

  • What is the best way to use my notes?

  • If a candidate names the wrong tests or is too thorough in data acquisition, are points taken off?

  • For Domain A: If a candidate mentions previous level of function without going deeper and the examiner doesn’t ask “why,” is it safe to assume it wasn’t important?

  • Should I give my answer and wait for the examiner to ask “why,” or should I talk through my reasoning as I go?

  • If I don't say the correct diagnosis, will I fail the case?

  • How concerned should I be about how much time I’m taking answering a specific question?

  • Should candidates be concerned if examiners aren’t nodding or smiling?

  • What should a candidate do if they get a diagnosis wrong?

  • Is it okay to ask the examiner to repeat the stem?

And more!

Click the image below to watch:

Originally Published: April 21, 2021