LA-PM&R: Frequently Asked Questions

To prepare diplomates for participation in longitudinal assessment for PM&R (LA-PM&R) in 2022 and beyond, we are answering your questions about the assessment and how participation works. See below for answers about scoring, deadlines, platform tools, and more.


How do I enroll in LA-PM&R?

  1. Sign in to your account
  2. Ensure all past and current annual fees are up-to-date (Need to make a payment? Visit the Online Payment Center)
  3. From the "Welcome Back" dropdown menu, select "Assessment Dashboard"
  4. Select "Longitudinal Assessment"
  5. Scroll down and click the "Apply" button for Longitudinal Assessment for PM&R 2022
  6. Complete the steps to enroll!

On-time window: Enroll by December 31, 2021

Late window: If you enroll on January 1, 2022, or later you'll be assessed a $100 late fee.

Do I need to enroll each year?

Yes. Each fall, we'll open enrollment for the following year of LA-PM&R and you must re-enroll each year. Follow the above steps to enroll annually.

What is the cost to participate?

Participation in LA-PM&R is included in your annual CC Program fee. You will need to pay your annual CC Program fee ($350 beginning in 2022) to begin answering assessment questions; you can find this fee on your Certification Dashboard. (If you enroll in LA-PM&R 2022 by December 31, 2021, you will pay your $200 annual fee for 2021 and will not be required to pay your 2022 fee until the end of 2022.)

Performance Standard:

What score do I need to pass the assessment?

We are currently in the process of determining the performance standard for LA-PM&R, which requires a few years of LA-PM&R data. Once the standard is set, this will be communicated to all participants in an assessment cycle and you’ll be able to measure your performance against the standard at the completion of each year.

The performance standard will be set using a criterion-referenced, content-based standard setting method. This means all participants will be held to the same standard regardless of how others perform— in other words, the standard is not based on a curve. A minimum level of knowledge— established and reviewed by a panel of subject matter experts— will be set as the performance standard.

This process takes time and requires adequate data from current LA-PM&R questions for the complete analysis. We will complete the process as soon as possible so diplomates are able to compare their score to the performance standard.

What happens if I don’t meet the performance standard?

Any diplomates not meeting the performance standard can regain certification by undergoing another five-year LA-PM&R assessment cycle (while expired) or by passing the Re-Entry Examination, which is based on the blueprint and difficulty level of the Part I Examination. We anticipate the primary reason for loss of certification will be non-participation or professionalism issues, not performance.

How will I know if I’m meeting the performance standard?

Please be assured that we will offer continuous feedback as you continue LA-PM&R so you know your progress and standing. If you’re at risk of not meeting the performance standard, we’ll be reaching out with information and resources for remediation. We also encourage you to use your LA-PM&R dashboard to track your real-time progress and ensure the quarterly requirements are being met.

What happens to my score if I need to take a quarter off?

Your LA-PM&R performance assessment is based on four years (16 quarters) of performance with a summative assessment occurring in the 5th year. The lowest four of 16 quarters are dropped from scoring to allow time off, sabbaticals, or leaves of absence.

Assessment Questions:

How many questions do I have each quarter?

Your performance in each quarter determines how many questions you have the following quarter, so the number of questions varies for each diplomate. Here’s how many and the type of questions to expect each quarter:

• Quarter 1: 20 questions

• Quarter 2: 15 new questions + any reattempts from Q1

• Quarter 3: 15 new questions + any reattempts from Q2

• Quarter 4: 10 article-based questions + any reattempts from Q3

Read more about reattempt questions and article-based questions.

As an example, say you answer 12 out of 20 questions correctly in Quarter 1. In Quarter 2, you’ll get 15 new questions plus 8 reattempt questions—the same questions you answered incorrectly in Quarter 1— for a total of 23 questions in Quarter 2. Remember, reattempts offer an opportunity to receive full credit on a question you answered incorrectly in a previous quarter.

How do I study for the assessment?

LA-PM&R is designed to be a learning tool to help you grow in your PM&R knowledge, so don’t think of it as a “study then test” process. The assessment is the study tool— it will show concepts and ideas you’ve previously missed to reinforce learning and provide resources for improvement. You’ll be able to create your own plan for ‘studying’ for future questions according to your knowledge gaps and customization preferences. Don’t worry about answering every question correctly! What matters is continuous learning and improving over time, which the platform assists you in doing.

The assessment covers general knowledge in the field of PM&R, but you are able to customize your assessment content areas to see more content based on your specific practice (see “Can I change my design/percentages” below).

Platform Tools:

Can I change my design/percentages?

Yes! Each content category can be dialed up to 50% to customize your assessment to your practice. On your LA-PM&R dashboard, select “Assessment Design” on the left-hand menu for customization settings. (Once you save your customization settings they will be locked in for one year.)

How do I view previous questions and resources?

On your LA-PM&R dashboard, select “Review” on the left-hand menu to see key points, rationales, and references for questions you previously answered incorrectly (the platform won’t show past questions or answer choices in case you get a reattempt question in a future quarter). See a step-by-step guide for accessing past references and rationales.


When will the platform open?

You may login to the platform and start answering Quarter 1 questions in mid-January.

What is the deadline for the quarter?

Quarter 1: Questions open in mid-January, answer by March 31

Quarter 2: Questions open April 1, answer by June 30

Quarter 3: Questions open July 1, answer by September 30

Quarter 4: Questions open October 1, answer by December 31

Do questions carryover from quarter-to-quarter?

No. Answer all questions for each quarter by that quarter’s deadline. If you leave questions in a quarter unattempted and unanswered, they will be counted as incorrect and you will not see them again the next quarter.

Can I have an extension?

No, we don’t allow extensions.

How long do I participate in LA-PM&R?

LA-PM&R is meant to be a tool used throughout your career. Keeping up with LA-PM&R means you are continuously up to date in your knowledge in the field and offering the best care possible for your patients. Lifelong participation is also beneficial because the platform identifies areas for improvement and provides resources for further learning over time, leading to a continuous learning cycle throughout your career.

Enroll in LA-PM&R 2022 nowthe on-time window closes December 31, 2021! Please reach out to the board if you have questions about enrollment or need any assistance as you complete your assessment.

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Originally Published: December 21, 2021