Primary Certification

Apply Now for the 2022 Part II Examination!

Candidates can now apply for the 2022 Part II Examination through November 15! The 2022 exam will be held remotely on May 16-20, 2022— read our full announcement about the decision to keep the exam remote for this year and the foreseeable future.

You may apply online now until October 31, 2021, without a late fee. If we receive your application between November 1 and 15, 2021, you will be assessed an additional $500 fee for late processing.

How to Apply

  1. Visit the ABPMR Exam Center
  2. Click 'Apply' in the Part II Examination module and sign into your ABPMR physician profile to complete the application
  3. Done! You can view the status of your application by signing into your physician profile and visiting the Exam Center.

Other Reminders

  • Candidates will not be permitted to pre-select dates, nor will the ABPMR accommodate any blackout dates or any type of date preference requests.

  • You will take the exam on your computer from your home, office, or another quiet place. Read more about virtual exam safety and security, and preparing your space for the exam.

  • Know any colleagues eligible to apply for the exam? Don't forget to remind them to apply on time!

Looking for study resources?

Find exam resources— including preparation tips, answers to FAQs, mock exam videos, and videos featuring examination experts— on our News Center. Visit the Part II Examination page for an exam overview and even more resources to help you prepare for exam day.

Contact the ABPMR office at 507-282-1776 or if you need assistance logging into the website, have questions about the application, or need any additional information.

We wish you all the best as your prepare for the Part II Examination! Follow along on the ABPMR News Center and social media channels for more information and resources on the exam in the coming months.

Originally Published: October 07, 2021