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ABPMR Part II Podcast

Episode 1: Why Part II?

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Episode 2: Domains Overview

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Episode 3: Domain A Deep Dive

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Episode 4: Ask an Examiner: Study Advice

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Episode 5: Ask an Examiner: Role of Examiner

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Episode 6: Exam Misconceptions

Listen here or watch episode 6 below. This episode discusses the following misconceptions/facts:

  • "The Board is out to get me with trick questions and cases that are unrelated to what I practice."

The Board is focused on assessing general PM&R knowledge with the exam. Questions are aimed at covering the scope of PM&R to bring together all your training and knowledge.

  • "I should only list 1-2 diagnoses in the differential diagnosis."

There is no specific number of differential diagnoses to list. A good diagnosis is a balance between what the most common and urgent considerations are, and explaining your thought process is more important than listing a specific number.

  • "The exam does not mimic a real-world practice."

This is true to an extent— examiners do not see you in your real practice interacting with your real patients. However, the exam is carefully designed to still see and understand your process of care. Examiners want to see how you receive and process information then arrive at a management plan, similarly to how you would in your real practice.

  • "My examiner didn't give me feedback and doesn't want me to succeed."

Examiners are on your side and working to help you do your best. They are trained to not give verbal or nonverbal feedback in order to make the exam a fair process for all candidates. How your examiner acts is not conducive to how you are performing.

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Episode 7: Scoring Process

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Episode 8: Setting Up For the Remote Exam

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Episode 9: Ask an Examiner: Anything!

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Questions addressed:

  • What can candidates write for notes during the exam?

  • Am I allowed to look down at my notes?

  • Will I see the cases on my screen?

  • What should I do if I get a diagnosis wrong?

  • Can I ask my examiner to repeat the stem?

  • What happens if I lose connection during the exam? How will my examiner adjust my time?

  • How does my examiner prepare for the exam?

  • What happens if I need to take a moment to collect my thoughts, or if I pause during the exam?

  • Why is only one examiner talking during an exam session? What is the other examiner doing?

  • Why did my examiner interrupt me?

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Episode 10: Exam Day

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Originally Published: April 26, 2022